Unify Your Website, Print, & Social Media with Total Local!

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Unify Your Website, Print, & Social Media with Total Local!

Today's media-rich environment pulls your customer's attention in many directions.

It takes even more impressions for customers to make a purchase decision.

Integrate your marketing, so it coordinates across all channels with a unified message - a proven strategy that helps you capture your customer's attention.

Total Local helps you achieve the best results possible through:

 • Directory Listings

 • Website Design, Hosting, & On-Site (SEO)
   Search Engine Optimization

 • Social Media Management, Off-Site SEO, & Email Marketing

 • Pay Per Click, Display Advertising, & Mobile Advertising

 • Print & Direct Mail

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Print Advertisement Specs


Artwork can be submitted in either .tif, .jpg, .psd or .pdf formats.

We cannot accept any art files created in Word, WordPerfect, Excel, PowerPoint or Publisher.

Artwork must be set at a resolution of 300dpi.

Art should be supplied in 4-color CMYK process.

Logos can be sent as .eps files (this is preferable).


Yellow Page Ad Sizes:

2U - 3in wide x 2.25in tall

3U - 3in wide x 3.125in tall

4UH - 6.25in wide x 2.25in tall

4UV - 3in wide x 4.75in tall

6U - 6.25in wide x 3.125in tall

8U - 6.25in wide x 4.75in tall

12U - 6.25in wide x 7.25in tall

FP - 6.25in wide x 9.75in tall


Front Cover Ad Sizes:

Spot 1-6 (left column ads) - 2.125in wide x 1.375in tall

Spot 7-8 (bottom ads) - 2.75in wide x 1.125in tall


Inside Cover Ad Sizes:

6.25in wide x 9.75in tall


Back Cover Ad Sizes:

Back Cover ads - 7.125in wide x 9in tall

Back Cover ads must have a .25in margin set inside for type, and if the ad is full-bleed,

there must be an additional .25in margin set outside the ad dimensions


Do you have any additional questions? Please email David, our Product Manager,

at dedmonds@TotalLocal.com for more information about ad sizing.


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